My painting practice is rooted in an interest in cultural histories and mythologies. I create symbolic worlds with new or borrowed characters, objects and environments to find meaning in or make sense of the current societal and personal predicaments we face. New narratives play out from old stories and can speak to our current dilemmas or celebrate the beauty of freedom, nature and love. Some of the themes in my work range from mythology, nature and specifically the ocean, human/animal hybrids, creatures and entities to queer or displaced peoples, artists and those on the fringes of society. The work often starts from a deeply personal place and then elevates into a global story. I discover most of my imagery within the process of making so as to retain an essence of creation and a raw emotion that can get lost with an overabundance of control. I regard the vibrant color in my work as a clear influence of queer culture, whereas, the lyrical quality and movement within the paintings I attribute to my obsessive love of music; a constant influence while working. The finished pieces can contain an otherworldly feeling, unbridled emotion, dark humor, a biting or underlying commentary or an idea of what is precious.